Report Methodology

In September 2022, the Digital Workspace Ecosystem Alliance (DWEA) introduced its first annual survey to gauge the current state of digital workspace adoption, benefits, and challenges. The survey was completed by 2,660 digital workspace professionals globally, making it one of the largest digital workspace-focused surveys to date.

Geographic Breakdown of Respondents

Rather than focusing on the location of the individuals responding to the survey, this survey aimed to identify the geographic breakdown of the location of the end users that each survey respondent
manages. This approach provides a more accurate reflection of the actual workplace environment.


That breakdown is as follows (many respondents manage users in multiple regions so percentages below do not equal 100%):

  • 69% of respondents manage end users in the Americas

  • 30.5% of respondents manage end users in EMEA

  • 29.4% of respondents manage end users in APAC

Size of Respondent Organizations

  • 47% of respondents represent small-to-medium enterprises (500–999 employees)

  • 30% represent enterprises (1,000–9,999 employees)

  • 20% represent small businesses (less than 500 employees)

  • 3% represent large enterprises (greater than 10,000 employees)

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