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Securing the Web User Experience Without Content Blocking

This post was submitted by DWEA member Rey Schallberger, CEO & Co-Founder of Fortinium

Every Business Leader will agree – today employees need unified, easy-to-manage access to any information from any place or it will impact their productivity. The IT Security department on the other hand needs to ensure overall security, privacy, and compliance.

This article will show you how you can keep up the highest security despite complete freedom of web usage… and ultimately provide your users with the perfect user experience in web usage.

Most well-known security tools today focus on three steps – threat identification, defense, and elimination. To do so, these tools rely on information regularly updated by the vendor to adapt to new threats or malicious websites as they get known. For optimal protection, the IT security team will segment their network for different risk zones depending on the type of services and data contained and then use the tools to apply different rules to these zones. As a result, users will end up with different behavior depending on where, what time, or on what device they connect causing a severe disruption of User Experience and Productivity.

The ultimate problem and limitation of this approach lie in ‘recognition’ and ‘locking access.’ Current tools must be able to RECOGNIZE a threat before they can act – followed by LOCKING access to that content. While this worked fine years ago with viruses embedded in files and similar approaches, there are now hundreds of new threats appearing daily on the web and it takes significant time for the tools to cover protection from these. To improve protection Black-/Whitelists are used to block entire websites – even though there may only be a single page on that site that really contains malware. Users are blocked from information potentially needed for work.

REMOTE BROWSER ISOLATION (RBI) uses a different approach bringing together ultimate security with maximum freedom of access to web content – no matter from where and on what device.

RBI will execute any website a user launches in a remote, isolated container. The user continues to see and operate the site in his browser, but any potentially embedded malware will execute in the remote container where it will not be able to access any data or user details. This means that you get absolute security, without blocking information.

The benefits of RBI Technology:

  • No need to limit a user's ability to access websites

  • No need to identify a threat

  • No need for VPNs and other complex and expensive 3rd party tools

  • Massive reduction of operational cost

  • Massive improvement in user productivity



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