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Improve Security While Lowering Cost Using Browser Isolation

Work-from-Home (WFH) has become established as ‘the new normal’ for many users and businesses, but for most of us, comes at high complexity and cost. See below how Remote Browser Isolation Technology resolves challenges at far lower cost and effort than historically established solutions.

There are various, well known technical solutions to address Work-from-Home or Mobile-User requirements. While many companies continue to provide their users with high maintenance Windows-based notebooks, quite some have added Remote Desktops (VDI, TS, Citrix etc) as an alternative for remote access. Virtualization approaches reduce the daily operational effort compared to classic Windows for clients, but come with massive project and infrastructure cost and complexity. Despite cost, both technical solution approaches share significant security risks, as users are still exposed to unsecured web content/phishing and access to corporate resources using VPN to transmit documents to endpoints.

Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) is a rather young, but fast growing, technology that seeks to isolate endpoint and user identity from content (web site, document …), all with the single need of a modern browser on the endpoint. Everything the user accesses occurs through a virtualized, remote, secure browser session. Everything accessed or edited happens inside that session, but nothing is executed on the users endpoint, which also ensures that malware/spyware on the endpoint is not capable to access what the user sees in the browser.

Remote Browser Isolation, while using classic SaaS and virtualization technologies, can be setup and operated at much lower infrastructure needs than VDI/Citrix and similar solutions and is with that by far more cost effective in its operation cost, while further improving GDPR/DSGVO.

List of Typical RBI Advantages:

- Use with any present device, corporate or private

- Setup and deploy yourself in minutes

- RBI requires less hosting resources than classic virtualization

- Scale as you need, even during daytime

- No modifications to the endpoint

- No enduser training

- Use for secure Remote-to-Company/Internet access or secure Company-to-Internet access

- Eliminate the risk of data loss through web services, and with that, eliminate associated business risks and cost

Take a closer look at this promising technology, as it does not only offer the option to enhances your existing solution, but can even replace older technologies over time at much lower cost and complexity.


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