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Image by Marcel L.

2023 State of the Digital Workspace

On-Demand Video Series

Survey Results #1:
Remote & Hybrid Work

This video discusses the stats around organizations' ongoing plans regarding remote & hybrid work. 

Survey Results #2:
Digital Workspace Strategies

This video reveals the survey results related to where organizations stand when it comes to developing and executing their DW strategies. 

Survey Results #3:
Complexity & User Experience

This video discusses the impact that concerns about complexity and the user experience have had on DW adoption. 

Survey Results #4:
Virtual Apps & Desktops

This video digs into how orgs are struggling with legacy virtual desktops & apps, and what they're adopting next.

Survey Results #5:
End User Experience & Security

This video discusses the stats around how orgs' focus on user experience has introduced some security concerns.

Survey Results #6:
BYOD - Cost & Security Concerns

This video reveals stats around the acceleration of BYOD and the impact on cost & security for endpoint management. 

Survey Results #7:
Print Management in the DW

This video discusses the high percentage of orgs who view moving printing to the cloud a key part of their migration strategy.

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