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2022 Digital Workspace Summit

On-Demand Sessions

Virtual App Delivery

Case study on how Community Hospital Corp. (CHC) delivers secure cloud desktops to its users with Virtual App Delivery.

Brian Stopinski, Community Hospital Corp. (CHC)
on behalf of Cameyo

Achieving Zero Trust

The role of Zero Trust in protecting the digital workspace.
How Google enables secure workspaces for 150k employees.

David White, Google 

Robb Henshaw, Cameyo

Change Management

How data can lead to faster adoption, and easier change management in enterprise IT.

Brian Martynowicz

Login VSI

Print Management

Topic will cover how to decide between print servers
or a server free environment.

Andrew Parlette

Cloud-First Workspace

Increase flexibility, productivity and security of your workforce while lowering cost with a 'Cloud-First Workspace Strategy'.

Rey Schallberger

Hybrid Desktop/App Migration

How to deliver hybrid desktop & accelerate app migration. Learn about hybrid desktop & implementing app migration strategy.

Steve Horne


Print Management

Beyond Print Nightmare - Managing Print at Scale. Navigate past the vulnerability and manage serverless print deployments.

James Gilmore

Don't Forget The Endpoint

Securing mobile users in a virtual desktop environment.

Does the endpoint pose a threat ?

Patrick Coble, VDISEC

On behalf of IGEL

Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware: Before, During, and After an Attack.

Jeremy Moskwoitz


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