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Vendor-neutral resources for building a Digital Workspace strategy to meet your specific needs.

The State of the Digital Workspace 2023 Video Series

This 7-part video series features roundtable discussions about each of the 7 key findings from the DWEA's "State of the Digital Workspace 2023" report. Based on the survey responses of over 2,600 IT decision-makers globally, this report & video series outlines the key digital workspace trends over the next 2-3 years. 

Complete the form to the right for immediate access to both the video series and the full report. 

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The State of the Digital Workspace 2023

Based on the responses from 2,660 IT decision makers, the DWEA's "State of the Digital Workspace 2023" report provides a roadmap to help you make better informed decisions as you hone your strategies. 

Complete the form to the right for immediate access to the 2023 report. 

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Sample Insights: State of the Digital Workspace 2023

Who We Are

The Digital Workspace Ecosystem Alliance (DWEA) is a consortium of technology leaders dedicated to helping organizations enable secure productivity for all of their people – including remote, in-office, and hybrid workers. Together we are committed to providing the vendor-neutral education and resources needed to empower organizations of all sizes to develop the Digital Workspace strategy that makes sense for their business. The DWEA is a 501(c)(6) not-for-profit organization dedicated to market education.      

What We Do

Defining the
"Digital Workspace"

The DWEA is focused on working together to eliminate the confusion in the market so that you can create and deploy a cohesive Digital Workspace strategy that applies to your specific business needs.

Research & Reports

The DWEA's initial white paper is available to download for free below. In the future the Alliance will issue surveys, research reports, and other vendor-neutral data and materials as your trusted, unbiased source of information.

The DWEA has published its initial white paper to outline the different segments of the Digital Workspace technology ecosystem. The report provides a definition of each technology, a list of questions to help when evaluating each technology, and the information needed to help organizations assess which technologies fit their specific needs.

To eliminate vendor bias, all members of the DWEA agreed to forego editorial rights to this white paper. The Alliance instead selected Brandon Lee, an independent IT professional with more than two decades of experience and author of the well-respected blog to draft this vendor-neutral taxonomy of the Digital Workspace. Not all vendors discussed in this white paper are members of the Digital Workspace Ecosystem Alliance, to ensure that key industry players from each layer of the ecosystem - regardless of affiliation with the Alliance - are represented.

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